Wedding Planning – 18 Months


The following steps can be done at any stage after your engagement. We’ve attached the 18 months tag to them because this is generally when wedding planning starts. But every wedding is different, so feel free to start doing these planning tips when ever you like, the earlier the better!



Decide on a budget
Sit down and talk about how much you wish to spend and will have available to spend on your wedding. At this point, it’s good to know roughly how much you want to put into your wedding as this will make a difference when booking your venue and suppliers.




Get Inspired
Explore themes, styles and colour schemes for weddings. Find examples of possible themes and see which ones appeal to you. Consider which of these themes suit where you are getting married.


Engagement Party


Have your engagement party
An optional but fun filled occasion if you like social gatherings. Your engagement party is the first celebration of your wedding journey and can be as formal or informal as you like.


Engagement Photos


Get engagement photos taken
Capture this beautiful moment in your wedding journey. This also gives you a chance to try out a photographer that you might later book for your wedding.


Time of Wedding


Choose a time of year and day of the week
Decide on the times of year that you would prefer for your wedding and the days of the week that would be suitable.




Wedding, honeymoon and ring
Consider getting wedding insurance to cover your wedding day, travel insurance for your honeymoon and insuring your engagement ring.


Decide on Dates


Choose potential dates
Select a range of different dates that would be suitable for your wedding.Be flexible and choose at least three dates to ensure that you can get a day where your venue is available.