Wedding Planning – 16 Months


Following on from our first post we will now look at planning 16 months before the big day! Of course every wedding is different, so feel free to start doing these planning tips when ever you like, the earlier the better!


Guest Numbers


Gather a rough estimate
Start talking about the number of guests who you wish to invite to your wedding. Is it going to be a large wedding or an intimate affair?
It’s good to get a general number at this stage in the process as different wedding venues have minimum or maximum guest numbers that they can cater for.


Type of Ceremony


Religious, spiritual, humanist or civil
Explore what kind of wedding, handfasting or sand blending ceremony you would like to have. Discuss this with your betrothed.




Share your findings
Discuss themes and colour schemes and show each other examples of what you would like. Consider how much work/time you will have for more elaborate features and consider things like the climate where you are getting married.


Wedding Party


Key Roles
Choose people for key roles such as your bridesmaids and groomsmen


‘Be Our Guest’ wedding customisation


Customise your Guest Experience
Customise your ‘Be Our Guest‘ couple story, wedding countdown and add basic wedding information.


Guest List 101


Start gathering your guest list.
Get names together for your family members, friends and any colleagues or acquaintances that you would like to invite.


Guest Groups


Start organising your guests
Create guest groups and start placing guests in groups so that you can personalise their experience, particularly the events they are invited to and your chat messages.


Proposal Gifts


Order gift boxes
Purchase your bridesmaids and groomsmen proposal boxes with gifts for each member of your wedding party or make your own using items that your chosen wedding party members like.




Explore options
Have a look at some different ceremony locations in your area and start gathering a potential list of celebrants.




Gather potentials
Get a list of the possible venues that match your desired location and work well with your theme, guest numbers and budget.


Available Dates


Find out what dates are available
For your ceremony and reception, reach out to possible places and ask about availability for your chosen dates.