Wedding Planning – 14 Months


Continuing in our series, we will now look at planning 14 months before the big day! Of course every wedding is different, so feel free to start doing these planning tips when ever you like, the earlier the better!


Key Suppliers

Start gathering names
Gather a list of potential key suppliers who will be available in your chosen location – focus on photographers, wedding planners, the band and caterers if needed.


Negotiate with venues


Ask for discounts and special offers
Once you have found venues that are available for your chosen dates, you can reach out to these places and ask for extras such as discounts, reduced corkage charges and free accommodation for your parents.



Book your ceremony and reception
Pay your deposit and pencil in a date for your wedding. At this point you have a date and location!


‘Be Our Guest’ events

Add events
If your usingĀ  ‘Be Our Guest’ create event cards to show the detail and location of your wedding for your guests.


Refine Guest List

Get a more accurate list
Start really fine-tuning your guest list and reach out to family at this time to get anyone who you’ve forgotten.


Wedding Planner

Hire a planner
If you are having a wedding planner, hire this person.



Select your theme
Choose your ‘Be Our Guest’ theme. Remember that you can change this at any time!


Save The Date

Customise your ‘Save the date’ email
Send a sample email to yourself to see the digital ‘Save the Date’ email in person



Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they will take up these roles


Proposal Boxes


Prepare or purchase boxes
Give your wedding party proposal boxes with gifts to each member of your wedding party


DIY Wedding Items

Plan those creations
If you are making DIY decorative items, find out what you need – what materials, skills and storage space, for these creations.