Six Questions for your sustainable wedding photographer


If you’re a couple trying to live an ethical life, then you will most likely by trying to incorporate your values into every moment of your wedding day.

As part of your wedding planning, you’re going to want to take some time when you’re searching for a photographer and ask more than just the standard set of questions before making a booking.

Not only do you want to find someone whom you really click with (no pun intended) and trust to create those truly beautiful images capturing unforgettable moments, you want to be sure they can do it without damaging our planet and that they strive, in their work, to respect all of humanity.

So… since planning a wedding is already time-consuming enough, we’re here to help!! Here are six key questions that you can ask your potential wedding photographers and their answers will help you discover their ethics match your own.



How do you reduce waste?

Ask your photographer whether they actively try to avoid paper waste and whether the materials they provide you with are sustainable? If not, can you receive only digital versions so that you can print them yourselves sustainable?

Most photographers offer a large range of guides to help you through the complex planning process: they can offer advice on what to wear, how you create your timeline, how they work in terms of the day plan, that kind of thing.

Look into their process including their promotional material. Do they send out a nice shiny brochure full of pretty things to look at or give you a more sustainable digitally version to avoid the waste?



How do you treat the environment? Do you ‘Leave No Trace’?

2020 has seen a rapid rise in micro weddings, elopements and small weddings. With this change in pace and scene, more couples than ever are choosing the ‘wed in the wild.’ option.

For the couple with a sustainable focus, getting married in the wild brings carries a set of concerns and checklists. In order to be 100% sure you find wedding photographers will consider and respect this, it is important to ask them about ‘leave no trace’ policies and the impact (if any) of having your photos taken in one of the locations you have chosen.

It is important that your photographer will not damage nature or wildlife in order to get the perfect shot.


Do you support same-sex marriage?

This question should be high on your list when getting to know a potential photographer even if it does not directly apply to your own wedding. Ask the question and listen to their answer, notice how it is phrased and what emotion it conveys. Want to look deeper, beyond their initial reaction or answer?

The best thing is to take a look at their social media, their blog, their website and especially the photos and videos. do they feature a wide range of couples or just white, heterosexual couples? Another thing to look out for here is whether they feature couples of all sizes or just slim, in shape couples. It’s important to find a photographer that thinks about other people and treats everyone with respect.



Can you advise us on ethical wedding attire? Do you work with other sustainable suppliers?

If you’re planning a wedding outdoors on a wild cliffside or a blustery hilltop top, a flowing, dreamy dress can look perfect as it catches in the wild winds! This can make for some beautiful photos. If you are opting for an urban photoshoot, you might want a more modern style of dress or suit.
A good wedding photographer can help you make these decisions and also point you in the direction of ethical dress and suit makers who can provide you with good options. The sustainable wedding community is still, to some extent, a small one. Ask your photographer if they can help you find other sustainable suppliers.


How sustainable are they at work?

Ask where they got their equipment? Did they get it from a sustainable, ethical supplier or even better buy it second hand? Do they regularly take single-use water bottles or disposable waste like coffee cups on them to shoots or choose more sustainable options? If they have rubbish created by the photoshoot, will they take it home with them?


Are they based close to your wedding location? Or do they have a long way to travel? If they travel a long way for the shoot this will most likely increase their carbon footprint.

When you are searching for ethical, sustainable suppliers including photographers, why not download our app ‘Be Our Guest’ and peruse our listing of sustainable suppliers. You can reach out to suppliers directly on our app via the chat function.

I hope that these tips are helpful. Good luck planning your big day. Please read our other blogs or download our eco-friendly wedding app for free from the links on our home page.