RSVP Meltdown


The wedding journey can be a magical and memorable experience but can also be fraught with stress and anxiety.

The genesis of one of these stress inducing moments centres around guests. Specifically whom to invite and whom not to invite. This can be a source of contention between couples and can become quite emotive.

With consensus on whom to invite your attention turns to how to invite. The traditional route is with a wedding stationery provider. You pick a design, order the amount you need and send out the invites. That’s one task finished and checked off the list.

Or is it?

Months have passed and there haven’t been many RSVP’s. You start to wonder what is going on?

Some invites will get lost in the post or delivered to the wrong address. You will forget to invite someone. You have to order extra stationery and post out invites. More cost and time.

The venue starts to pressure you for numbers. You phone, email, send an owl in an attempt to contact guests to find out who is coming. This all leads to panic and sleepless nights as your big day approaches.

And breathe. It’s okay, we have you covered.

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can invite guests and receive RSVP’s instantly. You can also send a notification to gently remind guests to reply. We take the guesswork out of who will be attending your wedding.

Forgot to invite someone? No problem. It can be done in a few seconds.

Reduce the stress involved with inviting guests. You will also reduce the paper used for your wedding. Win-win.

Colin Vaughan

Co founder @Glitterbug