Who are we?

Hi there. We're Laura & Colin. Welcome to our website. Together we form the Irish software company Glitterbug. We are inventors, software developers, artists and dreamers with a passion for the environment and eco friendly alternatives.

We live in the bustling town of Buncrana, Co. Donegal in a little terraced house by the sea where we hone our craft, make plans for new products and live out our dreams.

This is a two person operation run completely in Ireland. We do everything from coding to marketing to painting. When you support our product, you are helping us to achieve our dreams and promoting employment and opportunities in Donegal and in Ireland.

Why did we make 'Be Our Guest'?

At the end of 2018, our minds were steadily fixed on climate change and reducing paper waste.

We asked what can we do and came up with the idea of creating viable, usable and delightful alternatives to paper stationery.

Our focus turned quickly to the wedding sector. We love weddings - there is a certain magic in the air during a wedding and the excitement and joy of the wedding planning journey is something that we were keen to be part of.

Weddings also have a massive carbon footprint and with over 22000 weddings each year in Ireland, mostly using paper stationery, much of which cannot be recycled, we decided that this was the place to create our digital, eco friendly alternative.

Art is a big part of what we do. We are both artists as well as software developers. Painting, drawing and digital design is a passion for us. We also recognise that art and the hand-crafted nature of wedding stationery is what makes it so special and we wanted to combine this effort, care and dedication with something greener.

Laura Cavanagh
Co Founder
Colin Vaughan
Co Founder