Weddings produce paper. Tons of it. 'Save the Date' cards, couples stories, invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, ceremony booklets, wedding favours, seating plans, information sheets, maps and menu plans are just some of the paper products produced for a wedding.

Often these items are not recycled or recyclable meaning that they become waste after your wedding day. 

But we like these paper items because they are beautiful, hand crafted, intricate pieces that cohesively form the theme and voice of ourselves and our weddings. We don't want to forgo style, elegance or art. 

The answer? A revolutionary new mobile application for weddings that aims to replace OR reduce the amount of paper used by providing artist made, hand crafted themes using 2019 wedding colour schemes and styles that can be matched with a small amount of traditional paper (for those guests who are not as comfortable with smartphones).