First Outing


Wedding Open Day

The stunning surrounds of Kippure Estate provided us with the setting for our first foray with ‘Be Our Guest’. After six months of brainstorming, developing and testing we finally had the chance to unveil our app to prospective wedding couples.

Myself and Laura ready for action!

We were both excited and apprehensive beforehand. Would anyone be there? What if they don’t like the app? Despite all our research and feedback to date this was a true litmus test. Our fears were allayed as we were met with positivity and interest in our greener way to organise a wedding. We met a diverse group of people from newly engaged couples, parents sent out to research! to couples in the the final stages of planning.

Laura preparing to give a run down of the app!

In our eyes the event was a success and we left with valuable feedback and renewed optimism. We would like to thank Magdalena and her team at Kippure estates for allowing us to showcase.

Would also like to thank fellow exhibitors Paula Fay ( and Dolores Farrell ( for their positive words and camaraderie.

by Colin Vaughan