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40 Features at a glance

Paperless Stationery

Eco friendly digital stationery.

Create your own custom ‘Save the Date’ and style it to match your chosen theme.

Your card is automatically emailed to each guest when you add them. It’s that simple!

An app for each guest

Each of your guests gets their very own app.

They can RSVP through the app, share in every wedding journey milestone, hold event information in the palm of their hand.

Guests can even share photos and take part in chats.

Guest RSVP

RVPS made easy.

Guests fill in the RSVP details for their party, answer your custom question and click send.

They can even change their response at a later date.
You are immediately notified when your guest RSVPS.

Share Event Information

Guests see their own, personalised list of events.
They can easily scroll through the list and click on any event to peruse the details.
Create and share an unlimited number of events!
Easily create new events using ‘Be Our Guest’.

Photo Sharing

Guests can easily share their photos from your wedding and add comments.

They can share photos directly from their camera or from their gallery.

Combine photos and associated comments to create digital albums and share these with your guests.

Handcrafted Themes

We are artists and we wanted to incorporate our artwork throughout every aspect of ‘Be Our Guest’.
Each of our themes are hand-crafted based on our own acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel and digital art.
At the touch of a button, change your theme using your own ‘Be Our Guest’ app.

Offline Functionality

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can use many of our features offline.

So, no wifi? No problem!

Choose themes, add content and view wedding details without internet connectivity. Any shared information will be sent out automatically when you are online again.

Design everything from your Phone

Add or change your content easily through your own app. No need for websites or mobile browsers!

Every screen can be edited in-app with instant preview mode. See what your guests see and quickly made changes to style or content.


Get a push notification when something important happens.

You will be notified when one of your guests downloads their own copy of ‘Be Our Guest’ or when they add or modify their RSVP.

No more constant rechecking!


Everything is private and encrypted.
Only you can access your account. The same applies for all your guests. You can use Google Login or email/code combo.
Your data is safe. We make our money transparently, by charging a fee, we do not push paid 3rd parties on you or use your data as a product in any way.

Manage Guests

Easily Import, view, update and arrange guests into groups.
On import your guests automatically receive their digital invitation.

Use guest groups as as way to personalise your guests’ experience.
Guest details and response are channeled into your seating plan.

Custom RSVP forms

Easily customise your own RSVP card share it with your guests.

Choose the wording for each section and select a hand crafted theme for your card.

Write your own custom question that guests can respond to e.g. dietary needs

All from your own ‘Be Our Guest’ app!

Manage Guest Responses

Quickly view your guest RSVP’s, with stats at the top of the screen.
View the list of guests who have not yet responded and instantly send a reminder chat message to them as a group.
See who has accepted and whether they have any dietary needs or other requirements.

Share RSVPs

Guests can share a copy of ‘Be Our Guest’ and RSVP as one. Perfect for families, couples or the less tech savvy.

In each case you can decide how many RSVP cards a party will receive.

For each party, you will see who responded and accepted or declined.

Plus Ones

When you are sending out invitations, simply choose how many invitations your guest party will receive.
No need to add names for your guests’s accompanying ‘plus one’, your guest can fill our these details at a later date. This is the perfect way to let your guest know whether they will receive a ‘plus one’ invitation.

Wedding Countdown

Choose one of our hand-painted designs for your countdown screen. Let your guests count down the days with you.

Want to change your style? No problem! Easily select a new theme or change the wording and your guests will automatically get the changes.

Event Locations

Guests easily see wedding event venues on a full screen map
All of their event appear on the map and they can scroll through a carousel showing each event summary and highlighting the location.
Useful for everyone but absolutely perfect for destination weddings.

Personalised Events

Each guest only sees the events that they are invited to.

When you create an event, use our intuitive multi-select to pick which guest groups are invited.

That way every guest gets a fully personalised event itinerary.

Import guests from file

While you can add any guest individually, why not save time by importing all at once.

In a few easy steps you can add your guests from a spreadsheet containing names and emails.

Your guests invitations are automatically sent out. Easy as 1,2,3.

Accommodation Advice

Fill your guests in on the details about your wedding destination.

Add information or tips on finding accommodation or give your guests a list of suggested places to stay.

Group Chat

Reach out to any group of guests and easily send chat messages.

Your guests can also start conversations.

This can be really useful for asking questions or letting guests know about vital changes or updates or just having a natter.

Video Sharing

Your guests can share short videos of your day and add comments.

Videos can be shared directly from camera or from file.

Guest can take part in the 7 second video challenge and you can pick the best!

Couples Story

With your own micro blog, you can keep your guests posted on every moment in your wedding planning adventure.

Want to release posts at specific, busy times like during your wedding day?

No problem! Schedule these post publish times in advance.

Ceremony Leaflet

Share the precious moments of your ceremony, the vows, the songs and the rites with your guests using your Digital Ceremony Leaflets.

Reduce paper waste and save the planet while providing your guests with a beautiful keepsake with backgrounds created by artists.

Song Suggestions

Let your guests share their tunes with you.

Find some new songs or fondly forgotten ones to add to your playlist.

Remember the rule – if a guest suggests a song, they must dance to it!!

Gift list

Prepare your gift list, fill in gift registry details, web sites and physical store locations.
Share this with your guests and for limited gifts (where you only want a limited number), set a maximum number.
Guests anonymously select gifts and limited gifts are removed once selected.

Seating plan

Easily channel your guest responses and dietary needs into your seating plan.
Drag and drop guests between tables, see at a glance where there are gaps.
Share these details with your venue.
Seating plan automatically updates when guest responses change!

Wedding Planning Steps

Wedding planning has never been easier with over 150 check-able, customisable planning steps. Each organised by the stage in the wedding journey.
Easily filter to see your completed or remaining steps.
Add or remove steps or wedding journey stages.

Wedding plan Milestones

Share and celebrate the key moments in your wedding journey.

For each moment, you can mark the occasion with a beautiful, hand-crafted digital card which your guests will see on their app.

Guests will be delighted to share in your experience.

Wedding Supplier File

Keep a list of your key suppliers in a handy format.

For each supplier, add their name, details and contact information so that they are easily reachable.

You can even add supplier locations and view them on a full screen map.

Comments book

With our digital comments book guests can easily share their experience and best wishes with you.

Fully customise this screen. Choose the style, wording and select one a background or use one of your own photos!


Give absent guests the chance to share their thoughts and best wishes.
With our digital toasts section absent guests can easily send you best wishes which can then be read aloud during the speeches.
Choose the style, wording and select a background or use one of your own photos!

Practical Advice

Provide your guests with on transport and parking as well as other stuff like activities that they can do or sights to be seen.

Give your guests all the information that they need to make their stay as great as possible.

Suggest a Signature Cocktail

Let your guests go wild with ideas for signature cocktails based on your relationship, your in jokes and all that says ‘you’.

Coming soon – You will be select your favourite ideas and place them in our new ‘Signature Cocktail Digital Station’.

Suggest a Game

Games are an excellent way to enliven the time between your ceremony and you meal.
While you and your wedding party are getting the photos done why not give your guests a fun, laughter filled few hours of fun.
Why not let your guests get involved and come up with games.

Hashtag Suggestions

Social media hastags are becoming more popular as couples embrace the modern. But what will you choose as your particular couple Hashtag?

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can reach out for suggestions and have a giggle at the responses.

Ready to Use Immediately

‘Be Our Guest’ works straight out of the box. After purchase you can start inviting guests and planning your wedding.

Guests Access for Free

When you purchase your couples account with ‘Be Our Guest’ this includes access for all your guests.

We do not charge guests to use their app.

There is also no advertising whatsoever on your app or your guests’ app.

No Advertising

We do not advertise on ‘Be Our Guest’ as this would take away from the wedding experience.

We also do not send you or your guests any promotional material or have sponsored or paid suppliers. You are our customer, not our product.

Everything in one place

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can make all of your content changes, invite guests, plan your wedding and manage guest communications all from your mobile device.

Absolutely everything can be done through your app. No need for websites or PCs.

Most of our features are also available offline.

Instantly Change your Style

Want to try a new theme and automatically roll this out to your guests?

That’s no problem.

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can change your theme, style and content at any time and your guests will receive the update.


There is no limit on how many guests you can invite, how many photos you can share, the number of events you can create or anything thing else.

The possibilities are limitless!!

Custom RSVP Question

Our default RSVP question is ‘dietary requirements’ but feel free to choose your own question or wording.

Digital Save the Dates

When you add guests, they each receive a digital ‘Save the Date’ by email.

This is matched to your chosen, hand-crafted theme and it looks like a ‘Save the Date’ card.

You can customise the wording and personalise your greeting.

Eco Friendly

‘Save the date’ and save the planet.
Did you know that most traditional wedding stationery cannot be recycled?
Reduce your paper waste by using ‘Be Our Guest’ for ‘Save The Date’s, invitations, RSVP cards, information sheets, ceremony booklets and seating plans.

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