What is a ‘Save The Date’?

You’re getting married! Congratulations and yippee! Now you need to tell everyone.

It’s important that as many of your guests as possible are able to make it to your big day.


Although everyone wants to make it, there are things that they need to do well in advance to make sure that they’re able to be there.


They might need to take time off work well ahead of your day. If they are travelling they’ll need to book train/plane/boat tickets.


And if you’re big day is in the middle of summer time (or any holiday time) it’s essential that early holiday bookers haven’t booked a non-refundable, unchangeable week away for your wedding day.



So you want to let people know well in advance but at that stage in your wedding planning you might not know all the times, the day plan, the food menu, etc.

You might not even know where exactly your venue will be. Don’t worry, you fill in these details at a later date e.g. Using our ‘Be Our Guest’ app or sending out traditional invitations.

But that very first contact with your potential guests to make sure that they are free on your chosen day is your ‘Save The Date’.



When to send your ‘Save The Date’?

The general rule of thumb is to send your ‘Save The Date’ between a year and 8 months before your wedding.  Where you place your timing within that framework depends on a few things.


Where your wedding is (is it a destination wedding? If so, add more time) and where your guests are determine how much time and planning they will need to get to your wedding.


If quite a number of your guests will be travelling a long distance to your wedding, give them about 1 year to prepare. They may need to save up and budget for attending your wedding as well as booking their transport and accommodation.


Another point is that if you are having a smaller wedding and everyone invited informally knows about it, you can leave your ‘Save The Dates’ a bit longer, sending them around 8 months.


If you are having your wedding in a location with limited accommodation or transport options, it’s best to give people a bit more time, especially if it is expensive to get their. In this case you would be wise to veer towards 10 months to a year.


Important to note that if you are booking your wedding for the middle of summer or a holiday time it’s best to let guests know earlier as they might end up booking holidays that are non-refundable and land on your wedding day!


Finally, if your wedding guests will not need to travel and your destination has plenty of accommodation you can leave it closer to 8 months.

How ‘Save The Date’s work with the ‘Be Our Guest’ App

If you’re opting for our ‘Be Our Guest’ app, invitations & Save the Dates are easy!

  1. With ‘Be Our Guest’ you invite your guests by adding them to your app.
  2. Each guest is automatically sent a digital ‘Save The Date’ and a link to their own copy of ‘Be Our Guest’
  3. With their app, they can view and communicate with you on your wedding journey.

We have over 40 features including…

  • guest RSVP
  • photo sharing
  • digital ceremony booklets
  • seating plan and much, much more.

Check out our pricing here… packages for as little as 5 euros (lifetime ownership for you and your guests!)


Save the Date  – Essential Information

The following information is necessary on your ‘Save The Date’

  • The day you are getting married
  • Your name and the name of your betrothed.
  • The general location (if you don’t know the venue yet) of your wedding.


Nice to Haves

You can mention at this time where the venue is (this is not needed but adding it is a personal choice)
You could mention here that your invitation will follow.


If you’re using ‘Be Our Guest’ your guests will get a link to their own app which will later contain (once you add it) your venue and ceremony times and locations.



Aside from these details ‘Save The Dates’ usually come with the words ‘Save The Date’ and a little message from you to your guests.


You can be as formal or informal as you like with this message. Here are a few ideas…


Some formal choices

X and X invite you to celebrate their marriage on Aug 1st 2020

X and X would like you to join them in their wedding celebration on Aug 1st 2020

Save the Date of August The First Two Thousand and Twenty for the Wedding of X and X

Kindly save the date of Aug 1, 2020, X and X will be united in Holy Matrimony

Please save the date of Aug 1, 2020 for a wedding uniting X and X

Your presence is requested at the wedding of X and X

X and X request the pleasure of your company


Some Casual Choices

She said yes!

We’re tying the knot

Save a place for us. Put it in your calendar.

You’re invited to our wedding celebration

Save Our Date. We’re getting married.



Cute Wording Choices

It all began on a night out…

Finally… He asked me & I said yes

Something big is coming.

We’re getting married, you’re getting an app (if you use ‘Be Our Guest 😉

He put a ring on it.

Love truly, drink deeply and dance badly

These two kids are getting married.




Something a bit different…

Presenting WedFest 2020

Come for the beer, stay for the wedding

What are you doing on Aug 1st 2020? Nothing! Come to our wedding.

Shit just got real – we’re getting married

Woah. Things just got real – we’re getting married

It’s a match

Come crash our wedding

Until Death do us part

Now act surprised like you had no idea this was coming

CTR and S the date




Destination Wedding Choices

Pack your Bags

Bon Voyage

Take a trip with us

Love is in the air. Will you be there?

Come fly with us

Interesting ‘Save The Date’ ideas…

How Digital ‘Save The Dates’ work

When to send out ‘Save the Dates’

If you are not using ‘Save The Dates’, when do you send invitations?

Digital ‘Save The Dates’

Using ‘Be Our Guest’ to go beyond digital ‘Save The Dates’….



Your wedding theme and your ‘Save The Date’

The colour scheme, font and images for your ‘Save The Date’ will optimally match the rest of your wedding communications to create a coherent theme.

Of course, this is up to you, everyone is different and some people prefer a more eclectic collection.

But if you are going to have a colour scheme and theme to your wedding or your wedding communications now is your opportunity to set the scene and choose your theme.


Check out our blog on wedding themes…


Our eco-friendly, recycled matched paper stationery

As a companion to our paperless wedding app, we provide matched, small batch recycled paper stationery. Our eco friendly offering is handmade using our own in-house acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel and chalk pastel artwork. We make this in our Donegal based home studio.

You can view and order our eco friendly, paper stationery here.




Go Paperless for your Wedding with ‘Be Our Guest’

With ‘Be Our Guest’ you invite your guests by adding them to your app. They are automatically sent a digital ‘Save The Date’ and a link to their own copy of ‘Be Our Guest’ where they can view and communicate with you on your wedding journey.

We have over 40 features including guest RSVP, guest photo sharing, private chat wedding countdown, digital ceremony booklets, accommodation concierge, suggestions, advice space, gift list, seating plan and much, much more. Perfect for destination weddings – each guest receives their own personalised wedding event itinerary with each venue on a map.

You can find out more about our features here.




‘Be Our Guest’ is really affordable and much better value than traditional wedding stationery.

But your data is secure too – we charge for our premium app, this pays our bills. We do not sell your information or your guests information OR push paid 3rd party ‘partners’ onto you or your guests (unlike certain free alternatives which may make their money by using you and your guests as the product!)

We try to make ‘Be Our Guest’ accessible to everyone by keeping our pricing lower than the traditional alternative. This is especially true during our Winter Sale where we have packages for as little as 5 euros (lifetime ownership for you and your guests!).

Check out our pricing or purchase ‘Be Our Guest’ here… 

Want to try before you buy? No problem, you can download ‘Be Our Guest’ from iOS or android stores and try our fully functional, free demo mode. Get your copy of our demo here. 


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