We have broken down the typical invitation experience into steps. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is based on feedback from married couples and the most common issues that arose.

These steps in the process are straightforward enough and most couples will be aware of them. This can be a quite time intensive endeavour. Those envelopes aren’t going to address themselves! Also the cost of stamps required is something that is overlooked.

You have your guest list sorted. Or so you think! You will likely receive requests for additional invites. Be prepared for this. Know and agree in advance where you can draw the line.

And there we have it. Not all couples will go through this but it is prudent to be aware of any potential pitfalls in the planning process.

‘Be Our Guest’ simplifies this process and reduces the steps needed dramatically.

  • Upload your guest list to the app via csv file (Excel, Google sheets etc) and automatically send invites
  • Receive and manage responses from guests
  • Create seating plan
  • Export seating plan / meal preferences and send to venue

With our RSVP reminders, notifications, ability to invite new guests instantly, no limits on invitation numbers and ability to manage guests RSVP’s we’ve got you covered!

By Colin Vaughan

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