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10 Things you need to do after getting engaged


1. Get your engagement photos taken

As soon as you are engaged and in that WOW moment, it’s time to get some photos taken. The awe of those first few weeks of engagement are something that needs to be captured on camera. You can even use your engagement photos as a background for your wedding invitations.

Contact photographers that also do wedding photos. This is a great way to find out which photographer will do a good job on your big day.

PRO TIP – A lot of photographers will offer discounted engagement photos to get their business for your wedding. Get a few samples first, if possible, and see what styles you like.


2. Have your engagement ring insured

Your engagement ring probably cost a bit and you don’t want to take any risks with this. I think that this is one case where insurance really gives you peace of mind. You should get a valuation certificate when you buy your ring. This is used by the insurance company to value your ring. If you don’t get this, ask for it!

PRO TIP – if you are planning on getting wedding insurance, try to get a deal by buying this with your engagement ring insurance and using the same company for both.


3. Celebrate this moment with an engagement event – but do it your way

You are on a natural high, in love and all loved up. It’s a moment to celebrate. Most people throw engagement parties soon after the proposal.

It’s a wonderful chance to make the people who will be part of your wedding feel involved, share your proposal story and have a lot of fun.

Not big into parties? Well tough, you’re having one… just kidding :P, honestly, this is about doing something to mark the occasion together with the people that you love.

It doesn’t have to be a wild party, follow your heart. You can just as easily plan a scrabble night in, a days hiking to a beautiful lake, a festival camping weekend, an art course, a cookery lesson or an adrenaline fueled adventure sport day.


4. Tell your family and friends


Reach out to your loved ones and share the good news. Phone calls are still the best way to reach out for this moment. Update your social media AFTER you call your family and close friends.

PRO TIP – Reach out to your family and your betrothed’s family at the same time or as close as possible. Don’t risk having someone feeling upset because they were the ‘last to know’. Make a list of the key people that you want to be part of your ceremony at this time.


5. Discuss your wedding ceremony beliefs

You may be that couple to are both exactly the same – totally religious, authentically humanist, definitely atheist or personal and spiritual. If this is something that you haven’t talked about, now is the time to get to the heart of what you really believe and want for your day. Be honest from the start and keep and open mind. See our tips on blended ceremonies for more information on this hot topic.

PRO TIP – Printing out ceremony booklets is time consuming, awkward and/or expensive. Why not go digital with our ‘Be Our Guest’ app digital ceremony booklets. Want to have an unplugged ceremony? No problem. Our app will ask your guests to put their phones on silent and on airplane mode before they see the ceremony booklet. It’s the perfect way to ensure that there will be no phone calls or message buzzes during your ceremony. You can even add an optional message to ask guests not to use their phones as cameras during the ceremony.


6. Discuss your guest list – get rough numbers


Decide roughly who you will be bringing. First question – is it going to be an intimate gathering with close family and a few chosen friends or a bigger affair?
For a bigger wedding will you be inviting first cousins? Second cousins? Neighbours? People from your family neighbourhoods?

I would be missing an opportunity if I didn’t shamelessly promote our fantastic wedding guest app here. With ‘Be Our Guest’ you can add your wedding guest list, automatically send digital ‘Save the Dates’ to your guests by email, manage your guest list, guests can RSVP through their copy of the app, and you get notifications when they do, plus you can manage your RSVP responses, guest dietary needs and create a seating plan which you share with your venue.
When you consider the cost of invitations, save the dates, stamps, RSVP cards, stamps for RSVPS and info sheets, you can save a ton of money with ‘Be Our Guest’.


7. Buy your beloved a gift to show your appreciation



He or she has just proposed. That takes guts and often a bit of planning and consideration. Show your caring side by choosing a personal and meaningful gift for your beloved.
PRO TIP – Check out our blog on engagement gifts for your beloved that we love


8. Talk about your wedding budget


Wedding budgets change over time. Often they get more elaborate. Things, plans and limits get forgotten about and that’s okay. Be flexible and bear this in mind. However, on the other side of the coin (haha, see what I did there :D) if you do need to stick to a budget, write it down somewhere, record your initial budget meeting decisions and keep this so that you can both look back over it as you go through your journey. Know what you agreed on, be aware of what you spend at any moment and make changes to your budget together.

PRO TIP – With ‘Be Our Guest’ (the wedding guest app) we’re adding a budget section to our planning tools so that you can update your budget and have the per guests costs automatically increased as guests RSVP or decline.


9. Decide on when you want to get married


Will you have a long or short engagement? A lot of this depends on budget and how long it will take you to save up for your wedding day. Another factor is venue, ceremony and celebrant availability. If you are hoping for a short engagement then get in touch with potential venues ASAP as many of them have a long waiting list.


10. Discuss whether you want to get married at home or abroad


Getting married at home has benefits – you can invite more people, it avoids family members or friends being unable to attend because of the journey/fear of flying/incapacitation/no passport/costs. It is usually more expensive but you will be able to have more control over the hands on, day to day, planning. It’s also more sustainable.
Destination weddings have their champions too. They are better value, you often get more for your money, the weather can be amazing, you can have an outdoor wedding and you can get a little holiday for you and your guests too.

PRO TIP – If you are planning a destination wedding think of any family members who might not be able to attend and perhaps offer them help in getting there (financial help, emotional support, practical help).


11th thing…. Purchase ‘Be Our Guest’!!!


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By Laura Cavanagh