Be Our Guest is a wedding guest platform created by Glitterbug.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly option for your wedding?

Want to reduce the stress and time spent sending out invites and waiting for RSVP's?

Customise the app with your own content and share with guests

Be Our Guest has a host of features to help you with the wedding journey

Create your own wedding app and share it with your guests. Make them part of your wedding journey.

Greener alternative to paper stationery. Perfect for sustainable weddings.

Guests can RSVP through their own app. You are instantly notified. No more lost, forgotten RSVP's.

Manage guest numbers and meal preferences. Takes the guess work out of who is attending your wedding!

List your wedding events with details and maps. No more lost, bewildered guests!

Hand crafted themes based on our own watercolour, acrylic and oil pastel artwork. No need to compromise on design.

Discover more or download now and try the demo for yourself

Be our Guest
Go Paperless
Hand Crafted Themes

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